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Welcome to Good News Training

It has been our extreme pleasure to help our clients reach what even we’ve considered unlikely goals.  Weight loss of over 100 pounds in  less than a year, climbing 11,000 foot mountains while struggling with asthma, winning senior national championships as the oldest competitor in the field, and winning gold medals while fighting breast cancer.  Along the way we learned there is little to stop our clients from achieving the desires in their hearts. 

Some of our favorite client successes involve modest goals like walking around Home Depot without getting tired, controlling hypertension through cardio training, and getting into an old pair of jeans. No matter the client or their goal we utilize the National Academy of Sports Medicine Optimum Performance Training model to ensure their safety and success.  Clients benefit by having a scientifically proven and evidence based approach that develops a customized program which factors in their limitations and utilizes their strengths.


NASM’s Optimal Performance Training (OPT) model has widely been recognized as the gold standard for fitness training.

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Good News Training offers many different fitness programs for athletes, schools, special populations and more.

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